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Originally from New Zealand, Julie Guest started her first business in High School selling boxer shorts, and after making more money in 6 months than she’d made in her entire life, she was hooked on marketing and becoming an entrepreneur. Unfortunately when she went to college she watched too much Ally McBeal and decided that she would instead become a lawyer and help save the world that way. After grinding away in misery for seven years in both private practice and as in-house counsel, Julie quit her job and started her own marketing agency in Los Angeles in 2006. Her agency, now based in New York serves clients on three continents primarily in the tech, real estate and medical industries. In 2015 Julie coauthored “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need” with Brian Tracy and others and became a best selling author. Julie owns other businesses in real estate, medical education and medical aesthetics and when she’s not growing other people’s businesses or her own, you’ll likely find her riding her horse, reading, writing, photographing, sailing, or exploring some far flung corner of the world. To date her favorite travel adventure has been bungi jumping in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and white water rafting down the Zambezi river.

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Heather Martel caught the real estate bug early and attended her first real estate summit before graduating from high school. Four years later she purchased her first house, which led to another which she successfully flipped for a 43% ROI. From then on she was hooked. Meantime her curiosity and passion for learning led her to earn her Masters of Education leadership from the University of Michigan which she used to bring innovation and new learning methodologies to schools. In 2014 Heather decided to take a leap of faith and pursue real estate full time. She founded Rove Investments that specialized in real estate investments to serve the short-term rental market (an exploding sector thanks to AirBNB) and has now expanded into the commercial sector. Heather has been passionate about blockchain technology and its application to commercial real estate. An incredible networker and connector of people, Heather met Julie by chance on the other side of a commercial deal she was working on and was already meeting regularly with Mustafa to explore the application of Blockchain technology in commercial real estate. Over lunch at a restaurant in Ann Arbor called Freds, Julie and Heather founded projectFRED, and within a week Mustafa, the third founder was brought into the fold. When not exploring blockchain technology, transacting real estate deals or meeting new people, Heather loves to bike, hike, run, windsurf and sail. She also acts with a local theater group, volunteers with local charities. 

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Mustafa was born in Detroit and raised in its metro area. His fascination with technology began in high school when he started designing webpages and was chosen by Microsoft to test their early suite of office software. At the University of Michigan, he played in active role in student groups focused on improving access to medical care across the globe such as developing a battery powered surgical lamp for surgical theaters in areas with poor access to electricity through MHEAL. He attended medical school at Michigan State University and focused on the intersection of medicine and technology. He conducted research on artificial intelligence in healthcare and joined the Brain-Computer Interface group at the University of Michigan in where he assisted in finding a solution to using EEG technology to communicate with ALS patients. In 2013 he joined the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Education committee and became a published author for Neurology and Neuroanatomy for the medical board exam. After completing several subinternships in Neurology, General Surgery and Neurosurgery Mustafa decided to focus his efforts on how blockchain technology can maintain the integrity of healthcare records and improve communication between different EMR systems. After his medical studies he pursued an education and certification in Python coding through the University of Michigan and Blockchain engineering and design through the hyperledger project with IBM. He has a passion for teaching medicine and is the current chief medical educator and master trainer at the Princeton Review and has held teaching posts through TPR at Boston University, University of Central Florida and the University of Michigan where he continues to lecture on biochemistry, medical physiology, neurology, neuroanatomy and molecular biology.