Meet Fred: a revolutionary commercial real estate marketplace that uses blockchain technology to offer sellers and investors a “one stop shop.” Listing, selling, investing in and managing commercial real estate is made easy on FRED. We use fractional ownership, self-executing smart contracts and our own proprietary processes to make FRED a game-changer in the world of commercial real estate.


With FRED, title ownership is fractionalized and secure. The pool of potential buyers swells because buying real estate is no longer about “buying all or nothing” — ownership can be fractionalized to include a wider array of retail investors.

Using FRED, funding to the seller is direct and rapid through the blockchain, and Stablecoin payment options eliminate the risk of wire fraud. A traditional closing process usually takes months, but using FRED, closings can be handled in a matter of minutes.  


1) FRED brings buyers and sellers together to fund commercial properties and development capital raise structures. 

2) FRED provides sellers and commercial brokers with a hyper-targeted marketing platform on which to list and sell their commercial properties (like a commercial Zillow), but FRED does much more.  FRED finds buyers for the properties and transacts the sale using a smart contract, storing the title securely and instantly on the blockchain. 

3) FRED maximizes the sale price and ROI for sellers, giving the convenience of a cash sale without having to offer a deep discount.

4) FRED provides buyers with the ability to expand their commercial portfolios using fractional ownership. Investment projects are no longer dependent on banks — they have the support of verified group of FRED investors. 

5) FRED enables REITs to be fractionalized on the platform. Now investors have the choice of whether to invest in properties on their own and get a percentage of actual title ownership or invest in properties in a REIT and get a percentage of shares. REIT managers have a brand new, streamlined way of marketing and selling their assets.

6)  Platform users will have access to the FRED Blockchain Owners Association (BOA) to solve any difficulties in property management sourcing and service. The BOA will have the ability to vote on important issues regarding the investment, such as the choice of property management. 

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